This is a question we consistently get here at Full Tilt Design  Shop. Most people are familiar with customized t-shirts, however, they have only worked with screen printing or iron-on heat transfers. Both of these methods have advanced throughout the years and have definitely made their mark in the custom shirt industry. Although these methods work, there is still one way that is dominating the industry. This method is DTG or Direct To Garment Printing.  This works by printing the design directly onto the shirt, bag, sweater, or top just like a printer. This creates a crisp, clean, and unbeatable print at a price!

What is Screen Printing? Why would I choose screen printing over DTG? You will need to understand how screen printing works before we can explain the cons and pros of this printing method. Screen printing works by using a screen with an emulsion substance to create the desired design. This is basically a template that allows the same design to be printed consistently in bulk. This is great for designs that need a hundred made and have a limited amount of colors. Unfortunately, screen printing can only be applied in layers and one color at a time. This does create an issue when working with custom 1  off designed shirts or multiple colors. The pro's of screen printing is definitely the cheap cost, the ability to bulk order, and how quickly large orders can be printed. We can definitely work with you here at with any bulk orders you may need screen printed at an unbeatable price!

When should I use a heat transfer? Unfortunately, Heat transfers do not offer the same quality in print as a screen printed shirt or a  DTG shirt. Due to the way the design is applied you can almost guarantee this will eventually peel and crack over the months of use. People usually only do this method on the small article of clothing, custom homemade apparel, or for promotional products. The reason behind this is due to how unbelievably cheap heat transfers are to make and set up. These can easily be been done at home with basic materials and the right paper. This method should only be used for DIY and never for commercial grade shirts or anything you want to last.

What is the benefit of DTG printing? What is DTG printing? Would this work for my shirt design. The answer to these questions may blow you away! First, DTG or Direct To  Garment printing is a method of printing on articles of clothing. This basically means a giant printer is used to print any design directly onto the shirt. The benefit of DTG printing is a fast, completely customizable, and beautifully printed garment. This means you can make a whole basketball team custom shirts with their own names and numbers. This is all without any changes to the printing set-up. This versatility makes it a breeze when making a group or team customers clothing! DTG printing is almost limitless. This means that we can create any custom designs, hundreds of color combinations, and any small variations you may have. When using a DTG method, the possibilities are truly endless! All this is at an affordable cost for even the most complex designs.  This is the method we have used here at Full Tilt Design Shop for years and we would highly recommend trying us out. Warning, the quality, durability, and comfort of our products will simply blow you away!