How Expensive Are Customized Shirts And Jackets?

This is the question that most people find themselves asking. The simply conclusion most people come to is "Yes", however, This is simply an uneducated statement that is not true in any way. There are a few ways to create customized shirts, jackets,  sweaters, towels, bags, mugs, and more for an extremely low cost! The only issue is that the majority of people are not educated about Full Tilt Design Shop!

FTDesign Shop fights to ensure that we provide the lowest cost per item. Although most of the shop looks as if everything is premade, we definitely offer the opportunity to have a single custom item made. These customizations can be a slight variation from an existing design or a completely new design! No matter what you need, FTD can handle it. We guarantee the quality, comfort, and durability with every sale! This means you can rest knowing that you are receiving the highest quality customizable apparel on the market. If you have any issues with an order, we will be more than happy to offer some assistance!

Our method of printing uses the highest quality printing  method avilable. We use DTG printing using durable, washable, and vibrant dyes!  Direct To Garment printing helps eliminate the delays and mistakes associated with traditional screen printing. Furthermore, our method of printing will never  crack, fade, or peel like a heat transfer or Iron-on shirts. We guarentee you  will be satisfied with the quality of your purchase as we strive to use the highest quality materials, dyes, and printing available today. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our services feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience!