How To Plan The Perfect Disney Date!

Disneyland has been on everyone's to-do list at one time of their life. These vast, beautiful, and detailed parks spark every end of one's imagination every minute of the adventure. This can all be extremely overwhelming and a lot to take in if it is your first time. Take a few moments to run through these steps and be a master at all things Disney!

1. You Can NEVER Wear Too Much Disney!

That's right, There is no such thing as going overboard at Disney. Everyone is over the top and letting their imaginations run wild. Go ahead, wear those Disney ears, Disney earrings, or your favorite Disney Shirt. We offer a huge selection of Disney Themed Shirts as well as Disney Couple Shirts. Tackle Disney In Style with Full Tilt Design Shop!

2.  You Won't Be Too Early. No Matter How Early You Are.

Disney has a loyal and faithful fan base. These fans even started friendly Disney gangs that have Disneyland and Disneyworld down to a science! This means that you will most likely never be the first person there. This is reserved for those very few tourists that have the willpower and drive to wake up early enough! Unfortunately, That cute couple at an empty Disneyland Photo just won't happen these days. 

3. Disney Food Is Addicting!

Watch out for the food at any of Disneys Theme Parks. The consistent change and release of limited edition snacks had made Disney a Foodies paradise. These range from Churros, Burgers, Ice cream, Clam Chowder, Popcorn, and, of course, Alcohol! You won't be disappointed when eating or drinking at Disney as there are tons of options to choose from! Be Careful though as these treats are not cheap and can add up extremely quickly when on a date. I would recommend keeping the snacks to a minimum and enjoy the food from around the world!

4. Lines can be Extremely Long!

Disney is known for visual and interactive links, however, over an hour standing in line can be excruciating! Make sure you grab some fun apps or games to kill the time. If you have any hobbies I would highly recommend bringing them along if possible. Even better if you can play with 2 or more people and keep the energy up!  We definitely recommend you grab a portable game like these!

5.  Plan Ahead!

Some rides have lines that can easily reach 2 or 3 hours long. These rides would be  Cars: Radiator Springs Racers, The Incredicoaster, Toy Story Midway Mania, The Haunted House, Big Bear Rapids, Space Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsled. Each one of these rides is notorious for long wait times that can suck dry a fun and eventful Disney date.  I would highly recommend grabbing a Fast pass for the Must-Ride rides so you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay!

6. Don't Forget Downtown Disney!

Downtown is filled with life, food,  and shops that are the perfect way to kill time between fast passes. The shops can get a bit pricey, however, they are always filled with new, unique, and fun Disney related products. Take your camera and snap some photos that will last a lifetime. Don't forget to check out some pins and grab your favorite character!

We hope that this blog not only helps educate but also prepaires you for your next Disney Adventure! Don't forget your awesome apparel from Full Tilt Design Shop and embrace your true Disney self!