New laws are Striking fear into the strong, loyal, and large California Car Community! 2019 started off with Red, White, and Blue in most modified cars rearview mirrors. The reason for these aggressive tactics you may ask? It is all due to the rise of the ever popular takeovers! These takeovers involve out of control drivers taking over public California roads. Unfortunately, The rise of this pastime has also increased the number of accidents and fatalities within the car community. This has helped push lawmakers to take new tactic to help prevent this problem from continuing. 

The issue is extremely noticeable on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms where car enthusiast voice their opinions. Unfortunately, These opinions will go unheard as the videos of pullovers continue. These tickets start at $250.00 and can rise to as much as $1,000.00 in some cases. The cops handing these tickets out are specially trained to notice, detect, and evaluate any modified cars on the streets. This means a referee ticket is almost guaranteed for most of these cars. You can see Youtubers and Car enthusiast stressing over this new law and working to prevent lower their pullover chances. FullTiltDrift has even released a video that walks you through the simple steps of quieting the noisiest of exhausts! 

Petitions and other methods to reverse this New A.B. (1824). This California assembly bill simply wiped away your ability to get a ticket written off. This is extremely unfortunate as some enthusiast has even gotten tickets on stock exhaust systems. This is an issue since the ticket cannot be written off by a more knowledgeable cop. This creates huge legal battles and legal fees that car enthusiast would rather live without! Definitely check out the following petition to help fight this unfair, unjust, and unlawful California Assembly Bill ( ) This bill will not rewrite or fix the law but simply lower the fee to a $0.00 flat rate. This would be a huge win for the car community as a huge majority is not a part of this rebellious Takeover crowd!

California Assembly Bill 1824 has single-handedly killed the legitimate California car clubs. The enthusiast who built their cars helped build the community, and love getting together are slowly moving on. The epidemic that once plagued California is finally taking a hit. States like Florida, Texas, and Montana are single-handedly taking over the car community. These states support the more lax laws that Los Angeles and California were once known for. 

We need to work together and fight the unjust and unfairness of the laws brought upon the community. These street takeovers have caster a shadow over the community that was once respected. We need to Make California Loud Again! With the support of enthusiast, builders, and racers alike, we can finally turn California into the Automotive sanctuary state we all wish it was! Don't forget to support the community by signing up for the petition, Purchasing a Tee, or simply voicing your concern on social media! The spread of the issue is how we will successfully tackle the problem! 

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Make California Loud Again